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SDG #2: Zero Hunger

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This post is the second in a series of SDG explanation posts, designed to help you understand a bit about what each goal aims to achieve. ⠀

UNDP Targets

The UNDP’s main target in relation to this SDG is ending hunger and malnutrition, and ensuring access by all people (with a focus on those in vulnerable situations) to sufficient and nutritious food all year round. Doubling agricultural productivity and ensuring sustainable food production systems are also key, which mean increased investment and regulation of trade restrictions are necessary. Achieving this goal by 2030 isn’t simply a case of eradicating hunger, but also of generating sustainable ways of keeping the world fed and healthy continuously.


Change begins with people like yourself, which is why our Summit supports projects that will address this issue closely!  Whether it’s your local community or eventually a larger segment of the population, your project work related to SDG # 2 can be a part of the efforts being made to achieve the goal by 2030. In fact, our Summit will also have a talk on the future of food, which will be very useful in relation to SDG#2.

So are you in? Join us this summer, and have the opportunity to use SDG # 2 as a focal point of your project work!

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